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Equipment Maker Holding Output Note
Cutting Machine Namyoung Machine 1 1,000/day CCL
Cutting Machine KM DIGITECH 1 1,000/day COVERLAY
/Stiffening Plate
Exposure Machine SEIMYUNG VACTRON 4 2,000/day  
Laminator SEIMYUNG VACTRON 2 2,000/day  
D.E.S LINE ULA 1 500/day  
Webber machine ULA 1 500/day  
Webber machine World Tech 1 500/day  
Semiautomatic Printing Machine Mi-nong 3 700/day  
IR OVEN Daeil Electronics 3 700/day  
Belt Polishing ILSUNG Tech 1 500/day  
AUTO PUNCH USHO 1 500/day  
HOT PRESS Youngsin yuap 1 300/day  
HOT PRESS Dongwon Machinery 1 300/day Exclusively for METAL PCB
PSR Developing Machine Leading Engineering 1 500/day  
Ultrasonic Cleaner Daejin Ultrasonic 1 50/day  
BOX Dryer Lab Camp 1 50/day  
REFLOW Young Korea 1 100/day  
Three-dimensional measuring instrument
Manufacturer: MICRO VI (USA)
Measurement Scope: 160x160x160(mm)
Features: small and mid-sized PCBs, small and mid-sized LCD
              products, Stamping products, mold components,
              Plastic injecting products, medical equipment,
              components for mobile phones, o-rings and gaskets,
              and rubber products.
XRP Measuring Instrument
Manufacturer: MICRO VU (USA)
Manufacturer: ISP (Korea)
Model: iEDX-200AT
Features: An X-ray Plating Thickness Gauge
              / Harmful Substance Analyzer combination
Other Measuring Instruments
- Micrometer
- Height Gauge
- Digital Hi-tester
- Vernier calipers
- Indicator
- Power Supply
- Stocked with 30 different types in total
Salt spray tester
Manufacturer: : Inter Zero System
Model : ATST-30
Measurement range : 0.7~2.0/
Features : Its PID-based digital temperature controllers precisely adjust the
              temperature and it is composed of two sets of chamber tanks
              / Its salt spray nozzle is not clogged even after long-term use and it is               equipped with a pneumatic regulator
              / It can adjust the amount of salt spray
              / Auto operation functions including peak time adjustment
Flexibility testing machine
Manufacturer : Science Town
Model : SMI-0810-4S (Flexibility and bencling test)
Measurement range : available up to 999,999 times
Features :Raw film materials including light film, heavy film, etc
              / Applicable for measuring the FPCB assembly conditions
Tensile testing machine
Manufacturer : OKAMOTO
Model : K-HV-500N
Features : Auto operation and span operation available
              / *Push-pull gauge: 5kg/1g/LCD (DS2-50N)