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Reinforcement of quality competitiveness
Maximization of new orders
Improvement of profitability
Reinforcement of internal competence
We comply with all requirements of the quality management system specification SO/TS 16949 2014
We establish, practice, maintain, and manage the quality policy system and continuously improve its effectiveness
All teams establish their performance goals every year and make utmost efforts to accomplish them
We continuously review the sustainability of this policy
We impress this policy on all employees, communicate with each other, and fulfill our responsibility and authority specified in the quality management manual
Establishment and management of strict environment standards that adhere to domestic and overseas environment acts and customer's requirements
Minimization of the amount of waste through continuous investment for reducing the amount of discharged pollutants
Efficient usage of resources through recycling
Establishment and practice of the goals to accomplish environment management performances
Action Plans and PracticesWe establish and practice the ISO 14001 Environment Management System to prevent environmental pollution
All heads of departments establish and practice the environmental goals and detail plans
Upper management guarantees to all employees that the environment policy will be conducted